Technical Data

Machine Data Dimensions
Parent Core Lenght          2000mm
Machine Total Lenght 4950 mm.
Core Diameter Size To Be Cut 3",6"
Inside Core Diameter(3" Size / 6" Size)         76 mm / 152 mm
Cutting Thickness       5-12 mm
Cutting Lenght         Min. Cutting Lenght is 25mm
Cutting Accuracy       -/+0.5 mm
Cutting Angle 90°
Cutting Cycle Time           By HMI Panel
Speed Adjustment           By HMI With Inverter
Cutting Core Inner Support  Shaftless
Cutting Positioning          Servo System
Main Shaft Rotation Control         By Inverter
HMI         Touch Screen
Cutting Lenght Setting          LenghtFree Setting By Operator
Paper Core Feeding        Automatic
Paper Core Outfeed        Include Collecting Unit
Knife Movement       Servo Control With 2 Motors